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Is it worthwhile emigrating to Canada?

Sam Arora, who was a food scientist, M.Sc. Dairy Science, M.Sc Food Science, 30 yr exp foods writes  some one asked me “I’m from SEA country. I have a chance to migrate and earn PR in Canada. But, I’m reluctant of it because, I was told my 5 yrs work exp as a software developer […]...

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Iraq is still a relatively new backpacking beast, and once you’ve read this you will realise how simple it is to travel to Iraq. While hoards of youngsters head to places like Thailand, Germany, USA and Cambodia on their adventures, not many are tempted by Iraq. And why not? (It must be the media…) Hopef...

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What are the easiest countries to get citizenship to?

Adam Gering, a CEO, Uncommon Social. Writes  The following countries offer citizenship via investment: The Commonwealth of Dominica How do I apply for Economic Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica? Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis You must use a person authorized by the Citizenship-by-Investment Un...

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Which country’s citizenship is easy to acquire for Indians?

Take a look at this list of the easiest countries you can get entry into 1. Belize IMAGE CREDIT: THE REAL ESTATE GUYS RADIO SHOW This country, based on the eastern coast of Central America, allows a person to become a permanent resident only if they’ve stayed in the country for five years. The willing [R...

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Why does getting Italian citizenship by marriage take so long?

Arturo Camillacci, who is Born in Italy, well-traveled man says Italian Embassies an Consular offices abroad are chronically understaffed and overworked, and in many cases the employees who are in charge of citizenship applications are also in charge of other services (e.g.: notary services, marriage, birth a...

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Permanent Resident vs. Citizen: What’s the Difference?

Have you been a permanent resident for a long time and now you’re asking yourself if you want to become a U.S. citizen? I bet the first question on your mind would be, “what are the differences between a citizen and a permanent resident?” Generally, they both sound pretty similar and they both allow you...

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Which is better, Canadian or Australian Citizenship?

Ben Kelley, who is An Australian writes Few points: Australia has a longer life expectancy, for males its one of the longest in the world, top three regularly. You will live longer on average. Only 3 countries have life expectancy for males that is over 80. Australia, Switzerland, Iceland and Japan. Why do Au...

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Which is better, Canadian or Australian Citizenship?

Debajyoti Dash, who is a Data Architect writes  Having lived in both countries here is my perspective. There is hardly any difference in terms of work culture or access to countries. I think Australia is doing better financially. But both countries have great natural reserves and will do well .. You would pr...

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What are some cultural taboos in Australia?

Heloise Campbell, who studied at University of New South Wales writes  Lots of people have answered this question well in the past; but here a few of my ideas. Don’t insult us as a nation and don’t make unflattering comparisons. This seems so obvious it is a wonder I mentioned it; but people mistake Aust...

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What is it like to be an Asian in Australia?

Carl Ramirez, Who is a Australian citizen since 2003 writes Let’s start with some statistics: I myself am an Asian in Australia. Asian Australians comprise 12% of Australia’s population. I have only been subjected to one racist incident in 16 years living here. And those people were obviously drunk. Howev...

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