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Pets, Animals or Any Other Creature which you need Visa for

India Pet Passport & Import Regulations India will permit up to two dogs and cats per person to enter the country with their owners without a license if their owners are traveling with a transfer of residency to India for a minimum of one year OR they have lived out of India for two continuous […]...

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Is MS in USA really worth investing?

Is MS in the USA really worth investing? Here are some Views Nistha Tripathi, lives in India Understanding Grad School Finances If you are concerned about finances of managing a Master’s degree education, a good way to start is to understand how long will it take you to recover your expenses. For this, we n...

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Getting bored? Too much happening here!

Amidst all the crying about the malware attack, let’s look as to what happened in immigration recently. Technically, too much; theoretically also too much because people keep on saying somethings which always grab the limelight. Australia abolished its very famous work permit category i.e. sub class 457...

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Benefits EU Blue Card

Benefits EU Blue Card The EU Blue Card offers mobility within the Member States of the European Union after 18 months of legal residence in the first Member State as an EU Blue Card holder. The EU Blue Card holder and his or her family members are allowed to move to another Member State for the […]...

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Advantages of migration in the European Union

Advantages of migration in the European Union International migration into and within the EU is a key issue with far-reaching consequences for Member States and the EU as a whole. It affects the integration of resident immigrants, how institutions can adapt to preserve social cohesion, and the management of d...

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I Know It All Attitude!

  The best part of our job as a consultant is dealing with clients having different perspectives on the concept of immigration. A few are totally freshers to this vertical, the easiest ones to deal with. Since there can be a straight explanation given on the subject matter, A few believe immigration is a...

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Is it worthwhile emigrating to Canada?

Sam Arora, who was a food scientist, M.Sc. Dairy Science, M.Sc Food Science, 30 yr exp foods writes  some one asked me “I’m from SEA country. I have a chance to migrate and earn PR in Canada. But, I’m reluctant of it because, I was told my 5 yrs work exp as a software developer […]...

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Iraq is still a relatively new backpacking beast, and once you’ve read this you will realise how simple it is to travel to Iraq. While hoards of youngsters head to places like Thailand, Germany, USA and Cambodia on their adventures, not many are tempted by Iraq. And why not? (It must be the media…) Hopef...

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What are the easiest countries to get citizenship to?

Adam Gering, a CEO, Uncommon Social. Writes  The following countries offer citizenship via investment: The Commonwealth of Dominica How do I apply for Economic Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica? Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis You must use a person authorized by the Citizenship-by-Investment Un...

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Which country’s citizenship is easy to acquire for Indians?

Take a look at this list of the easiest countries you can get entry into 1. Belize IMAGE CREDIT: THE REAL ESTATE GUYS RADIO SHOW This country, based on the eastern coast of Central America, allows a person to become a permanent resident only if they’ve stayed in the country for five years. The willing [R...

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