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NZ’s Economic Growth Model Pushing Environmental Limits – Report Says

New Zealand’s minister of finance, Steven Joyce, refuted outrageous remarks been made that the irrigation was a detriment to the environment of New Zealand. The minister made it known that the government was monitoring the irrigation policies, as they were being modulated by the resource management bill,...

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New Immigration Opportunities for Graduates in Canada through Ontario

A lot of foreign grandaunts from educational institutions that are funded by taxpayer’s money in Ontario Canada currently have the added choice of permanent migration. The foreign student master’s program and the foreign student Ph.D. program batches of the Ontario migration scheme began again on F...

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Farmers Feel Threatened by New Immigration Policy

At the end of a torrid work day on Wednesday, the Taqueria El Sol de Jalisco was left without a single table in the restaurant occupied by customers. Ricardo Rojas, the proprietor of the restaurant, stepped into the pavement of the street adjoining his restaurant and loud music was coming from a stereo spe...

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Canada Sees Major Uptick in Mexican Immigration

A lot more citizens from the nation of Mexico are trying to cross into Canada in the first two months of 2017 than in any of the last three years, a statement reported on Friday evening said. The border services in the country of Canada reprimanded around 444 Mexican nationals from the 1st of January


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Ireland’s PM bash Trump’s anti-immigration views just feet away from Trump

Enda Kenny, the prime minister of Ireland, on Thursday was critical of the basic building blocks that made up the anti-immigration policies of the President Trump administration. In his speech, the prime minister began a soliloquy about the importance of St Patrick’s day, a day the white house was celebr...

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Tax and Immigration Departments in Australia Under Threats of Hacks- Report Says

The department of immigration and the office in charge of taxes in Australia have failed to correctly insulate themselves from foreign hackers despite assuring the country of its desire to enforce necessary security measures by the end of the previous year. The national audit department in Australia on Wed...

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New Immigration Policies Kill Work Visas for Canadian Nurses

Nurses from Canada who work in hospitals in Michigan state in the United States of America were surprised when last week, security officials on the border between the two countries prevented them from coming into the United States due to the modification in their work permits under the latest immigration o...

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Immigration Laws and the Violence Against Women

An unrecognized transgender lady, Irvin Gonzalez, was on February 9 reprimanded by the immigration and customs enforcement officials inside a court in El Paso, Texas. In the court, she was offered a guidance law from her violent former lover. She had previously filed different charges of domestic abuse wit...

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German Populists Propose ‘Negative Immigration’ Of 200,000 Per Year

The electoral party Alternative for Germany published its schedule for the elections on Thursday, declaring its plans for the nation to rid itself of around 200, 000 more foreigners than it allows annually. The party proposed that “adverse migration” would be integral for many years to come to compensa...

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Switzerland to Centralize Visa Processing Facilities in India

In a bid to further solidify the incentives offered under one package, the permit processing equipment to Switzerland in India is to be harmonized, a top official to the country said. “We aim to align the permit processing units. For residents of Chennai, permits get processed in Mumbai via the VFS for n...

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